What Is the Process for Asphalt Sealcoating in Denver?

Have you ever wondered what goes into the process of asphalt sealcoating in Denver? Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to take you through it step by step!

By following this process, you’ll not only protect your asphalt from the harsh elements, but you’ll also give your property a fresh and polished look that will make you feel like you truly belong in this vibrant city.

From preparing the surface to applying the sealcoat and adding those finishing touches, we’ll guide you through each stage with clear and concise instructions.

So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets of asphalt sealcoating in Denver!

Preparing the Surface

To properly prepare the surface for asphalt sealcoating in Denver, you’ll need to start by removing any debris and thoroughly cleaning the area. This step is crucial to ensure a smooth and long-lasting sealcoating application.

Cleaning and Repairing Cracks

Once you have prepared the surface, you can begin cleaning and repairing cracks by using a high-pressure washer to remove any dirt or debris from the cracks. This step is crucial in ensuring a smooth and durable sealcoating application.

After cleaning, you should inspect the cracks for any signs of damage or deterioration. If necessary, fill the cracks with asphalt crack filler to prevent water from seeping in and causing further damage. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the crack filler application.

Applying the Sealcoat

Now it’s time to apply the sealcoat to your asphalt surface. This step is crucial to protect and beautify your asphalt.

Begin by using a squeegee or sprayer to evenly distribute the sealcoat over the entire surface. Make sure to work in small sections to ensure thorough coverage.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper drying time. Applying the sealcoat will give your asphalt a fresh and polished look, making you feel like a proud member of your community.

Curing and Drying

After applying the sealcoat, the curing and drying process begins with the sealcoat needing time to fully set and harden on the asphalt surface. This is an important step in the asphalt sealcoating process as it allows the sealcoat to form a protective barrier.

During this time, it’s crucial to avoid any traffic or footprints on the newly applied sealcoat. The curing and drying process typically takes around 24 to 48 hours, depending on weather conditions.

Patience is key in ensuring a long-lasting and durable sealcoat.

Finishing Touches

To achieve a professional finish, apply a sealant to any cracks or holes in the asphalt surface. This step is crucial in ensuring that your asphalt is properly protected and looks flawless.

By filling in these imperfections, you create a smooth and uniform appearance, giving your driveway or parking lot a sense of belonging in its surroundings.

Take the time to carefully inspect the surface and address any minor issues before applying the final coat of sealant.

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